Analytical Reports

Data collection is great for finding and correcting issues.   Audits and follow-up records both contribute to the sense of how your company is doing. However, this information becomes more useful when viewed in Business Intelligence reports, allowing you to see patterns and trends and make sound business decisions based on this "actionable intelligence."

VEKTR® has a growing set of Business Intelligence reports available to summarize the data into meaningful indicators or statistics.  These reports involve audit scoring and frequency, action item/work order statuses and flow, inventory and supply management and location validation for services performed. Combined with the ability to select data filters, they allow you to focus on the data that is meaningful to your company.  Additionally, if the existing reports do not give you quite what you need, customized reports can also be developed to better represent your data.

In addition to allowing you to run these reports as needed, VEKTR® also includes the ability to schedule reports to be automatically run at a given frequency or specific dates times in the future. Scheduled report are automatically generated and emailed as attachments to designated individuals as PDFs, spreadsheets or other formats.  This can eliminate the need to have someone remember to run specific reports, for example, after the close of each month.