Mobilized Audits

Data collection using audits or inspections can be used to measure Service Quality, Brand Compliance, Safety Compliance, Customer Satisfaction or many other factors that are important to your business. VEKTR® provides a set of tools to collect this data, generate follow-up items where deficiencies are found, and monitor improvements through analytical reports.

Although VEKTR® is a web-based solution, we provide apps for mobile Android, Apple and Windows devices that can be used to perform these audits offline, if necessary, and then synchronized with the web site when possible. This eliminates the need for auditors to carry around a clipboard and paper forms, and also avoids the possibility of errors when transcribing the data into an electronic format, while saving time and money by not having to pay someone for data-entry. 

VEKTR® can be used in a variety of industries for a variety of purposes. For information on how VEKTR® can be used for your industry, click here.