Follow Up - Action Items, Work Orders

When issues are discovered and reported, either through audits or simple observation, there needs to be some kind of follow-up to ensure that these issues are addressed. Action items or work orders should define the issue with sufficient detail that someone can make adjustments to correct the issues.

VEKTR® allows these action items to be reported, notifications sent out, and follow-up documented electronically. Once the issues are corrected, the action items/work orders can be closed and archived. Analytical reports can also be run to determine the statuses of these items.

Follow-up records can be created automatically by failing items from audits or by a periodic task scheduler (for preventative maintenance tasks), or manually entered by an auditor or a customer. Each record can specify a priority and due date for completion of the tasks. Multiple tasks can be included in the same record.

Throughout the life cycle of the Action Item/Work Order, comments can be added and the status updated to track its progress.  Photos can also be included to improve the documentation. Each record can be tracked individually, or through a series of analytical reports including Open Items and Days Past Due. 

Tracking the resolution of issues can help your company to gauge its level of customer satisfaction, ensuring higher levels of confidence in your products or services.